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I returned to school and completed my undergraduate degree, followed by graduate school in creative writing. It was a luxurious, heady time because I could at last solely focus on writing.  Before I graduated, I had written enough short stories for a book manuscript…


…which no one wanted to publish! Ah, it took more years to rewrite

and hone, and rewrite it all again. And then more years past, and many,

many rejections,  I put my stories away because I was by then immersed in

another idea for a book. I was  writing my novel about Chornobyl

called even in its first drafts, THE SKY UNWASHED.


Again, no one wanted it. Yet!


More rewrites, more trials, and errors, and rejections, until at last I sent

THE SKY UNWASHED to a publisher (I didn’t have an agent at the time)

who accepted it! Finally, and hallelujah!  




The novel THE SKY UNWASHED, became a success—it garnered great reviews (click here), became a Barnes & Noble Discover Great Writers title, a Book Sense '76 Pick Selection, and a New England Booksellers Association Discovery title and eventually  a New York Times bestseller and Number 1 on when the e-book version appeared. All of which opened many doors to public speaking, teaching, grants, residencies, radio, and oh yes--royalties too.


Later, my collection of short stories that was rejected became my second book called WHEN LUBA LEAVES HOME with more wonderful reviews and awards. (For more about my creds, please go here).


But It took so many, many years! Although I had great teachers in my grad program, I constantly stumbled on my own. Many times I left writing. Many times I struggled in isolation and solitude. But you don’t have to!







Writers need to spend hours alone to focus on their work. But they also need attention, support and help from other writers who could guide them further as their champions. Especially writers like myself who have been at it a long time and experienced the lows and highs of writing fiction and staying motivated throughout.


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I can’t write your stories—that’s your job! But I can offer solutions to:


--Getting Started

--Staying Focused

--Overcoming Blocks

--Keeping You Inspired

--Offering Innovative Ideas

--Guiding You Towards Completing YOUR Stories


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